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Local Natural Resource Projects

Check out what is happening at the state and local level that is effecting natural resources in our area.



The importance of weed management is affirmed in state statues. It is our responsibility as a community to prevent weeds from spreading. 

The problem of noxious, non-native weeds proliferating in Central Oregon is severe. Noxious weeds overrun native vegetation, destroy natural animal habitat, shelter undesirable insects, steal scarce water, infest crops and cost local communities in terms of visual blight, a reduction of property values and lost agricultural dollars.  Some noxious weeds are poisonous to humans, livestock and wildlife.  Seeds from noxious weeds are spread by foot and vehicular traffic along our roadways and through our public lands.  Many property owners unknowingly have these non-native, noxious weeds growing in their yards and fields, which aggravates the situation.

ORS 569.180 In recognition of the imminent and continuous threat to natural resources, watershed health, livestock, wildlife, land and agricultural products of this state, and in recognition of the widespread infestations and potential infestations of noxious weeds throughout this state, noxious weeds are declared to be a public nuisance and shall be detected, controlled and, where feasible, eradicated on all lands in this state. It is declared to be the policy of this state that priority shall be given first to the prevention of new infestations of noxious weeds and then to the control and, where feasible, eradication of noxious weeds in infested areas.


The following weeds can be found commonly around Crook County. Click here to learn how noxious weeds are identified and classified. Continue to the pictures below to learn how to identify and treat these weeds for the benefit of Crook County. 

To learn more about these weeds and others, check out A Weed Warrior's Guide to Crook County.


Our Strength is in Partnerships

OSU Crook County Extension Service

Scott Dugan

498 S.E. Lynn Blvd

Prineville, OR  97754

(541) 447-6228


USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

Chris Mundy

625 SE Salmon Avenue, Suite 4
Redmond, Oregon 97756-9580

(541) 699-3177

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Maria Snodgress

Regional Water Quality Specialist

475 N.E. Bellevue Drive, Suite 110

Bend, OR  97701


Crooked River Weed Management Area

Debbie Wood

498 S.E. Lynn Blvd

Prineville, OR  97754

(541) 447-9971

Crooked River Watershed Council

498 S.E. Lynn Blvd

Prineville, OR  97754

(541) 447-8567

Crook County Weed Master

Kev Alexanian

1306 N. Main Street

Prineville, OR  97754

(541) 447-7958

Crook County Natural Resources Committee

Tim DeBoodt 

498 SE Lynn Blvd. 

Prineville, OR 97754

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