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Sage-Grouse Document Library 

Here is a collection of documents and articles that we commonly reference to build conservation plans and write grants. If there are any additional items that you would like to see here, please email them to or submit them below. 

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CCAA Documents


Reference Documents

Below are links to documents that inform sage-grouse management in Oregon. We include peer reviewed documents as well as whitepapers and gray literature that we use to inform grant applications, communicate with landowners and inform the way we implement conservation work on the ground. 

Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Assessment and Strategy for Oregon


The Action Plan provides a coordinated framework for action and accountability among private, nongovernmental, local, State, and federal partners in advancing immediate and long-term efforts in statewide sage-grouse conservation. 

 High Desert Shrub Steppe Restoration Environmental Assessment


This is the NEPA planning document that guides restoration action that the BLM is implementing in core sage grouse habitat in the Prineville District.

Prineville LIT Threats Reduction Plan

Coming soon!

BLM 2016
Greater Sage-Grouse Approved Resource Management Plan 


This document from the regional BLM office directs local field offices on how to manage. 

Camp Creek Watershed Restoration Atlas

This document utilizes new data, analytical tools, and local, state, and national priorities to identify, locate, and prioritize all restoration work necessary to restore the Camp Creek Watershed’s function to the highest attainable level. The Atlas provides a “blueprint” to begin working in specific locations on resource concerns that have the most impact on overall watershed conditions.

Baker LIT Threats Reduction Plan


This detailed analysis of the threat to sage-grouse in this Priority Area of Concern serves as a model for other Local Implementation Teams. 

ODFW 2022 Annual Population Report

The annual summary of the status of sage-grouse in Oregon summarized across BLM districts. The current population estimate is 17,508 birds.

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