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Founded in 1972, Crook County Soil and Water Conservation District was formed to offered technical assistance and restoration funding to landowners in a variety of program areas in order help them meet their restoration goals and management objectives. 

Oregon Soil and Water Conservation Districts were formed to provide for the conservation of the renewable resources of the state. Working together with local landowners, other natural resource organizations, and local, state, and federal governments, projects are planned and implemented that conserve natural resources, control and prevent soil erosion, conserve and develop water resources and water quality, preserve wildlife, conserve natural beauty, and promote collaborative conservation efforts to protect and enhance healthy watershed functions.



Voluntary conservation work on private lands is essential for sage-grouse. See how we are getting landowners engaged.


Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds can overpower desired species. Learn more about weeds that can be found in Central Oregon.


Natural Resource News

Check out what is happening at the state and local level that is effecting natural resources in our area. 

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